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What is the right length of your content or blog in SEO

Right content length

We are going to discuss. What is the ideal content length? So let’s look at is longer content better. See, 90% of the web prefers short range with the penetration of the Internet and mobile phones smartphones within everyone’s hands. You would see that people are consuming a more straightforward and more concise form of content. We don’t watch long videos anymore. We prefer one-minute to minute YouTube videos and WhatsApp videos even statistically to minute YouTube videos actually perform better than very long videos, which are 10 minutes 20 minutes. And we might be led to believe that people are reading more of blog posts and coats and Snippets instead of reading big books on Long books.

Attention is low for larger content.

So this is true to some extent people’s attention span has actually come down, and because of that, shorter content is even getting more traction, but here one more thing that you have to remember is that this short-form content which is mostly consumed by people who have the short attention span or not users who would actually become customers. So for example, Sample, if you look at BuzzFeed type of content or scoop of kind of content where these content or like short-range viral pieces of content where it is something like a fun fact or a shocking fact or a tiny information piece, which is like, you know inspires Shoping if so these types of content or basically, I would say that this is like junk food where instead of eating whole, healthy meals. We are just going ahead and eating small pieces of junk, which is actually not good for our health in the long term.

A high attention span leads to becoming a customer.

So there is 10% of people who are your customers, and this 10% will actually read long-form content. And that is what I have also discovered with my own content creation. For example, suppose you see a video on how to record a video call on your phone what actually you are consuming a little bit long content but highly valuable. This means you are not consuming something like a short form of going viral type of content, those people who contain long from of relevant content actually people who are going to end up as customers. These people are going to have higher engagement, so whether you are writing a blog post or anything actually long-form content.

Long-form content higher chance to perform well.

What from what I have experienced gets more links more Some more engagement not from everyone but from high intent users who might be your customers see 90% of the people will not engage in long-form content, but it’s OK because this 90% of the people are not your customers. Anyway, what you need is the small 10% of people who were actually engaging in your content because those are the people who will ultimately convert into your best customers. So whether it is going to be a Facebook post, whether it is landing page sales copy for sales, or whether it is going to be a blog post in every case where more extended sales page and long-form content actually performs very well.

People invest when they engage more.

if you are on a landing page where you are selling, let’s say web development course, you would want to gain as much information about it before investing your hard-earned money. So let’s say you are investing 6,000 Rupees in that course. So here, you would not just read a short-form content and just go ahead with it if it is free content and if it is something that does not require much of your attention, Or money; then you would just go ahead and engage with short-form content. But here, when you are actually paying your hard-earned money, you would want to get as much information as possible. Right? So that is what the same concept applies to your customers as well. So when your customers are on your landing page and if you are expecting them to pay you, then here you would want a very long landing page. And also, if you have a blog post on other pieces of content such as email and Facebook posts, make as much information as possible in these posts so that you are high internet users get the maximum value out of it and they get all the information that they need.




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