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what is meta title and meta description in SEO

What is title and meta description in SEO

We are going to have a look at three major critical on-page factors. So these are the title meta description and the URL. Now you can see that in Google, I have searched for DRDO, and this is one of the articles that They have published. What you see here is the TitleTitle, and then you have the URL., and then you have a meta description. You can see meta description,

what is title and meta description in SEO

when you have installed install a WordPress Yoast blog  and when you install the plugin like any SEO plugin.  So I have shown you to WordPress plugin in one of the videos that I have demonstrated On my youtube channel. Whether you are using WordPress or any other website platform, there’ll always be an option to include the SEO title The Meta description and configure the URL. So Title by far is the most critical Starting on-page SEO apart from page load speed. Here it is an influential Levin see a signal for the search engines to determine whether your web page is relevant to the keyword that is searched for.

Searched Keywords 

So here someone is searching for DRDO then.

title and meta description in SEO The keywords which match the first few words in the TitleTitle is the most important. There has been another research done by a company called CPC strategy. So they found out that in the TitleTitle itself. If you consider the words from the left to the left, terms have more weight Edge than the words in the right. So here, if I am targeting people who are searching for DRDO and if I want people searching for this to come to my page, what I would do is that I would go ahead and include Keyword in the initial few words entire TitleTitle. Of the So, this is what TitleTitle is all about, and then you have meta description. So in the meta description, You can also see that the keywords we searched for in the search bar are being moulded. So if I enter another keyword, let’s say Defence . You can see that this keyword and this keyword is being boarded. So this is to show the users that there is something relevant in this particular search result. And that’s why they are holding the words in the meta description.

So that users can look at it immediately. Yeah, while back, Google also used to board the keywords in the URL, which Google is not doing anymore, but that doesn’t mean URL is not an important factor in ranking in the search engines. So obviously, if you have a URL Where there are some numbers instead of the keywords, it’s not like you’re not going to rank for it. If there are many other good signals such as title meta description and good off-page SEO, you might rank for it as well. But if you have the keyword in the URL, and it’s in a simple format where it is short. Then it is going to help in the rankings. So this company called ahrefs. They researched where they found out that short URLs always perform better than long URLs in ranking better. And also, they found out that if there is a lot of folders inside the URL. Like for / example, block slash date slash DRDO-defence-India, then that is not going to be ideal. So the best way to have URL the structure is to have the keywords in such a way that it’s shot, and there are not many folders in the URL. So that’s about it for the title meta description URL part of on-page optimization.




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