What are virtual reality and its top applications in web development?

What are virtual reality and its top applications in web development? | Cyberinitiation

Virtual Reality(VR) is the use of computer technology to create or build three-dimensional (3-D) images or environment that is seamlessly interactive and completely or similar to the real or physical way, that is created by a human being by using different electronic equipment.

Virtual reality or VR is mostly used to give a simulated effect to the images or create an environment that can be explored at 360° degrees. It is an environment that is created using special software and is displayed to the user in such a way that it gives them a real effect it ensures that it gives a real belief.

The definition of Virtual reality comes from both the words ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. Virtual reality gives the ability to access the real world by giving it a virtual or imaginary effect. It is something that we can imagine and create it using various electronic devices. If we consider a live example then, VR is used in making 3d movies and 3d games. For example, a 3d movie like The invisible man, bloodshot, etc. Famous 3d games like Osiris, New dawn by Fenix fire, etc.


There are all 5 types of VR. Those are as follows:-

  • Non-immersive VR
  • Semi-immersive VR
  • Fully-immersive VR
  • Augmented Reality
  • Collaborative VR

Let’s have a look at all the types of VR in detail and see how it engages the users in different ways.

Augmented Reality:- Augmented virtual reality effect is used when we have to give a real-time effect to a certain entity on some sort of device that in reality is not present. This takes us to a next level of entertainment.

Non-immersive VR:- Non-immersive VR is or less belongs to the VR category since it is commonly used in everyday life. This type of stimulation provides a computer-oriented environment, but makes the user aware and have control of their physical environment. Non-immersive VR depends on a computer or video game for comfort, display, and input devices like keyboards, mice, and controllers. For example, video games best fit the non-immersive VR.

Semi-immersive VR:- A semi-immersive VR that lies in between the Non- immersive and Fully-immersive VR. It allows the user partially in the virtual environment and partial in the physical environment. This VR takes the user into the virtual world when they focus on the digital image while keeping them connected to the physical world. Well-equipped use of graphics allows the user to take the proper feel of the VR. A term is known as “vertical reality depth” is provided by the semi-immersive virtual technology through the use of 3d graphics. This type of virtual reality is mostly used for educational purposes or training purposes which relies completely on high-resolution displays and powerful computers or projectors.

Fully-immersive VR:- A fully- immersive VR is exactly the opposite of Semi-immersive and Non-immersive technology. In this type of stimulation technology, the users get a realistic feel about the virtual world. It gives the feeling as if we are physically present in the virtual world. It ensures a realistic virtual experience. The use of special equipment such as VR glasses, VR gloves, body detectors, etc is necessary for the realistic virtual experience. The computer collects the data from these sensors and the virtual world responds to that in real-time to provide a realistic virtual experience. For example, a virtual gaming zone allows the user to use special gear to play and interact with other players at the same time and play along with them or against them as well.

Collaborative VR:In collaborative VR, the users can come together in a virtual environment in the form of 3d projected characters. The characters can be from various and different locations which are far away from each other. For example, a mobile game like PUBG gives the user access to creating different characters. In this, the players can come together compete with each other and interact with each other.

Pros And Cons of Virtual Reality.

Pros of VR

  •       Better Than Reality

Virtual effects are seen to be better than Reality. Virtual reality is utilized in inventing top video games and does a great job of enhancing the user experience. The use of advanced graphics and sound increases the virtual environment and creates an outstanding gaming experience for users.

  •      Used in various Fields

It is used in various fields including education, training, medical, entertainment, and gaming. It is used for the educational purpose of giving the students a live experience where they can understand the concepts faster. It is used in the medical field for the training purpose of the medical aspirants. Its use in entertainment and gaming has taken it to the next level where the users can experience a real-time effect even though being in the physical world. A very common example is in the industry of aviation and architecture. It is used to understand the final product.

  •     Excellent user experience

As it gives users a high-class experience users are more attracted to VR. As there is high-quality sound and graphics, the users feel they experience a realistic place experience. For example, if we talk about the tourism industry then VR can be used there to give a virtual tour to the users and explore various cities, museums, tourist spots, etc. Due to these reasons, users are more attracted to the virtual world.

  •      Connects People

Due to tremendous growth in science and technology, it’s now possible to connect to people in various ways. One of them would is virtual reality. It allows the users to connect to the people who are billions of kilometers away from each other and connect them on one platform through the help of VR. For example, PUBG is a very famous game where users from different countries can come together and play or compete with each other on one platform.

Cons of VR

  • High cost

As science and technology are developing day by day the different electronic equipment is getting better than earlier. The material requirement, labor, and other factors increase the cost of virtual reality. This cost is not affordable for the people of the middle class. The various and well-known companies can afford the expenses. The people who can’t afford its cost are left out by taking the experience of this technological world.

  • Virtual Communication Can Replace Direct Communication. The real fun and interaction lie in direct communication, which these days are getting replaced by virtual communication. Virtual communication is fun and interesting and one can get addicted to this environment. People get attracted to the virtual world when they find it more interesting.
  • Virtual Reality Training is not always Realistic One more con of virtual reality is that the people training in a virtual reality environment may not fully transfer virtual skills to the real world. For instance, skills and performance experienced in the virtual reality world may not be equal to the skills and performance in the real world. Thus, virtual reality training may not give the same results in real-life situations as compared to the results given in virtual reality.
  • The technology is still experimental Even though virtual reality simulation is used in multiple fields, it is still under experimental construction and is still being developed to its full potential.

Top Applications Of Virtual Reality In Web Development.

Here are some top industries where the use of virtual reality is in demand.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Automotive
  3. Entertainment
  4. Education
  5. Spacecraft
  6. Military
  7. Architecture
  8. Digital marketing
  9. Occupational safety
  10. Tourism


Considering all of the points discussed above, The conclusion can be drawn as virtual reality is the use of stimulation or technology to develop three-dimensional characters or images. There are all five types of virtual reality, namely Fully-immersive virtual reality, Semi-immersive virtual reality, Non-immersive virtual reality, Augmented virtual reality, and collaborative virtual reality.

The use of VR virtual reality in web development can take it to the next level of virtual experience for the users. The high-quality sound and graphics make it all happen and create a different virtual environment. The use of VR in education, medical, training, media, aviation, space, military, and health care can take these all to the live virtual experience.

As a coin has two sides, the same as well VR has some pros and cons. It gives an excellent user experience and marks excellent electronic equipment. Some types of VR require special software but some are free from software. Due to this reason, it could be expensive to get. Also as the virtual world is more interesting than the physical world more people get distracted from the physical environment. The real fun and realistic feel lie in the physical world instead of the virtual environment. One must ensure that they keep their virtual life and physical life different from each other and maintain the distance between them.

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