Top 10 popular web frameworks for web application development

Top 10 popular web frameworks for web application development | Cyberinitiation

A ‘web framework,’ or a software framework that structures and contributes to the growth of a web application’s online resources, services, and interfaces— has been used as a critical way of constructing any web app. It’s an ideal way of creating rich and sophisticated ‘interactive online apps’. Developers that have access to this ‘software library’ can design any web-based software. Any fundamental framework can be presented in different languages or ‘stacks’. (Web Development Frameworks)

Any frontend framework is visible to the users and provides the designers with pre-written lines of code, scalable templates, integrable features, and look-over user interaction. On the other hand, Back-end frameworks highlight the core background working of the sites, using which any developer can modify the user data, authorization, and security encryptions.

Any web-development framework simplifies and maintains the process of building a web application by making it more predictable and smooth. It encrypts data in several programming languages and makes them appear before a user in a simple and readable way. In a short time, any application can be customized or altered using free accessible templates. Since most of the frameworks follow a specific coded structure throughout the application, it ensures efficiency and uniformity across the platform. Let us look at some popular frameworks used by big companies for web development.

Ruby on rails framework which works on the Ruby script, is generally considered faster in developing and designing any web application than its competitors. In a way, a developer can easily create an application that has an empirical base. This complex framework is being used by popular companies such as Airbnb. Groupon and Shopify mostly develop their eCommerce projects and unique ways of tackling issues. Hanson, its creator, had written this M-V-C modeled framework in a way that it performs better than any Java framework and that is why it tops this list


This framework has been used by big brands including Youtube, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest. It is a Python-based prototype framework for web development. It adheres to the DRY approach besides the Convention Over Configuration pattern which limits the number of decisions a programmer must make without compromising extensibility. Security is a primary concern for Django which motivates it to equip developers with tools for creating safe websites and ensuring security measures. Besides ensuring security, it is supposedly expected to meet the fast-paced, advanced, and complex needs of the developers

Developed by Microsoft and in use by some well-known enterprises like StackOverflow and GettyImages, this framework assists developers in building robust web applications for any electronic device. It is known for its ability to be productive and powerful. The popularity of this .NET framework is justified by its light weightness and speedy performance of its C++.


A framework created by T. Otwell, Laravel is based on the Model-View-Controller structural approach and uses the open-source PHP scripting language. It focuses on being simple and readable. Designed in a way to suit beginners, Laravel provides users with easy-to-follow tutorials. The only drawback it has when put side-to-side with its competitors is that it doesn’t offer high performance. Still, it ranks as a popular framework among the web-developers. It is often described as possessing elegance and simplicity.


This backend Web Development Frameworks is employed by businesses like Myntra. MySpace, and Myntra, are formulated on a simple, flexible, and minimal model. Built on Javascript, its far-reaching accessibility has led to its high ranking in terms of popularity among web developers. Apart from this, it can develop competent Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) between any two applications, outlining their service contract, when in use.


Developed by Google, Angular is a Java-scripted powerful framework usually used to build extremely powerful and large-scale web applications. It does so while keeping it user-friendly and manageable. So many popular enterprises such as Paypal, Netflix, and Sony’s PS3 were built using this development framework. this thing is considered one of the best front-end frameworks that can create highly functioning applications for enterprises, startups as well as any non-governmental organization.


As an invention of Pivotal software, this web developmental framework utilizes javascript to create simple and fast applications for its clients. As a backend framework possessing the feature of java classes and java extensions, it is used to create high-performing applications. Currently, the top companies that use this framework include MOT, Intuit, and Zillow.


As a more recent project, Vue is slowly gaining popularity among other java scripted frameworks. It is an adaptable framework that can also be exclusively used for any portion of a developer’s current project. It can also be used to create compatible frontend applications, either single-paged or dynamic with many-featured user interfaces. This open-source framework also flexibly allows the involvement of any third party. Some of the companies that use this include Grammarly, Gitlab, and 9GAG.


As a framework that is scripted in Java, Meteor offers a simple way of building any mobile or web application by deploying, scaling, and monitoring in real-time. It has an Internet-based data center, Galaxy, where digital designs can be accessed by the developers and/or designers. Some of its users include HaggleMate and Telescope.


As one of the best frameworks operating on javascript, Ember is still expanding and incorporating new features every now and then. It is sometimes in use by Google and other popular companies for its features including a two-way data binding feature. this is base on a Model-view-view-model pattern that separates any graphical user interface from the business viewpoint. It is famous for generating customizable single-page apps and supports both desktop and mobile applications.


All the ranked Web Development Frameworks have their own unique selling proposition. Any developer must assess whether it should choose a client-based or server-based framework for its website. The development process for each framework is different. Among various options, these ten frameworks have been used by popular companies for their speedy and productive deliverance. It should always be clear in the mind of a developer to choose an apt framework for the site. A single web page should build a robust framework. To avoid such rushed decisions, the developer can look for any web development tools for guidance and support. They can also sketch out the business requirements and choose wisely, a framework to develop their business on.

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