Difference Between Web Designing and Web Development | Cyberinitiation

Difference between Web designing and web development: | Cyberinitiation

We are going to learn about the difference between web designing and development. A

lot of scholars get confused about these terms. But there are a lot of differences between these two.

First, we will introduce you to the web. Then we will talk about what is web designing and web

development. At last, we will compare them on a different basis one by one. You can click on the links

given below to jump on a specific portion.


What is the web?

  1. 2. What is web designing?
  • Stages.
  • Process.
  1. What is web development?
  • Classification

Web design vs web development

  1. 5. summary

What is the web?

web refers to the website, web page, or anything that works over the internet.

A website is a collection of worldwide web pages. They are provided online by a person, organization,

company, government, etc. They are provided on the internet.

There are three types of websites:

  •  Static
  •  Dynamic
  •  E-commerce

What is Web designing?

Web designing is the way to design a website. In web designing, we talk about the way any website

looks like. Web design refers to the visual aspects of websites that are displayed on the internet. Those

visual aspects include the layout, coloring, and typography of the web page.

Stage of web designing:

  • Project discovery
  • Ideation and information architecture
  • User interface design
  • Testing and evaluation after launch

These are various types of website designs:

1. Adaptive web design:

in this type of web design, various versions of web pages are created to better fit the user’s

device. Web pages in these designs reorder and resize their content based on device/ screen/

screen size/ browser of the user.

An adaptive website builder can be used for the same purpose.

2. Responsive web design:

As opposed to adaptive web design, in responsive web design, there is only a single layout and

it adjusts the content accordingly to the user’s screen. A web designer does not need to design

two or more layouts for different screens/browsers.

A responsive website builder can be used to build a responsive web design.

Some website builders are WordPress, Wix, blogger, page cloud, Squarespace, etc.

What is web development?

What is web development?

As the name suggests, Web development refers to the development of websites. It includes building,

creating, and maintaining websites. Website designing is an integral part of web development.

Web development is the process of coding a website to create the intended design. In this, we use programming languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Web development includes:

  • web designing
  • web publishing
  • web programming
  • Database management

what is Frontend development ?

Frontend development:

Front-end development is programming that focuses on the visual elements of the website. It is also called the “client-side” of the application.

A front-end developer uses HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. for the front-end development

2 main objectives of a front-end developer:

  • To make the web responsive: a web page should be responsive in every size of the screen. Whether small or big.
  •  To provide better performance: Every web page of a website must have a good performance. There should be no delay in commands and every tab must be placed in a way that will improve the performance of the website or application.

what is Backend development ?

Backend development

Backend development is the programming or maintaining the server-side of a website. A normal user can not see this side of a website or application. It includes storing and arranging data and making sure that everything works well with the server-side.

A backend developer uses C++, java, python, JavaScript, etc. for backend development.

It includes developing.

  • Server
  • Application
  • Database, of a website

Full-stack development:

Full-stack development is the sum of front-end development and back-end development.

A full-stack developer has full knowledge of every area of development. It includes all

activities in building a website from scratch. It starts with the design of a website and creating

the mark-up of the design up to the handling of backend processes, and database queries.

A full-stack developer knows:

  • Programming a browser
  • programming a server
  • Programming a database

Difference between Web designing and web development:

Web designing

it includes designing the visual part of a website.
Web Designing is an important part of web development.
Types of web designing are Adaptive design and responsive design.
It determines the look and feel of the website and web pages.
We use software like photoshop, adobe, Vision, WordPress, etc for web designing.
Designing is performed using various software
It requires imagination and creativity in a web designer.

Web development

  • It includes the overall development of any website.
  • Web development is the broader term that includes web designing, publishing, programming, etc.
  • Types of web development: Frontend and backend
  • It determines how will the website function.
  • We use CSS, HTML, java, python, etc in web Development
  • Development is done by doing actual codes in HTML java etc.
  • It requires a logical mind and technical skills in a web developer.


So, these are some basis on which one can differ a web design from web development. Web

designing and web development are interrelated. One can’t function without other. Web designing is all about designing a website layout and the structure of how it will be represented to the user. But, in another aspect web development is about coding the front-end and back-end aspects of websites.

I hope that this content has provided you with the required information. Have a good day!


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