Top JavaScript Frameworks & Benefits of JavaScript in Web Development

Top JavaScript Frameworks & Benefits of JavaScript in Web Development | Cyberinitiation


JavaScript is the most popular and commonly used language by people. The versatility of JavaScript made for popularisation among people. It can use for the frontend and backend development of web applications. While talking about JavaScript you will go thoroughly JavaScript frameworks and each one has its benefits and particular usage too. It’s difficult to choose the right framework based on requirements. This process is really difficult to choose the right framework according to your requirements.

So, here are some best JavaScript frameworks that will help you out with ‘Why and What to choose based on your requirements. If you look back to the last two decades JavaScript used by people worldwide. React, Vue and Angular are some of the trending JavaScript frameworks using a wide range of people. On another side, some new competitors in the market are gaining and struggling to reach the top 3 levels. Let’s get into details.

Top JavaScript Frameworks in Web Development:

1. JavaScript Frameworks React –

React JS is one of the number one trending JavaScript frameworks in ranking in the front-end category that was developed by the team of Facebook developers laid by Jordan Walke and then big ton into open-source in June 2013. In the web, development domain reacts JS is the biggest potential that delivered perfect web application that we can see today. React introduce user interfaces for a mainly single-page web application. Instead of rendering, the whole page reacts by making use of virtual DOM. Another characteristic of its simpler JSX syntax. Although it is the best framework in today’s world however react is supported by several developers known as React JS developers. React is one of the favourite front and JavaScript frameworks by the users and its consistency remains the same now. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others have been made by using react JS. We cannot deny that one of the best JavaScript frameworks around the globe is React JS.

Benefits of Using React –

▪ Reusable– Instead of coding from scratch it can be a reuse component that helps developers import or reuse.

▪ One-liner direction– React-based one-liner directional data flow rather than two-way data like Angular. Meanwhile, one-direction data flow is a feature of React.

▪ Virtual DOM – It creates a virtual representation of DOM. Comparison between the virtual DOM and the real DOM by React instead of rendering the full page is the secret key behind using React.

▪ Consistency in Improvement– React is in the process of continuous evolution and improvements. this process improves co currency, rendering, and boosting performance to make the best front and JavaScript framework.

▪ Community support– React includes a huge developer community adding learning resources tutorials and help guides. Meanwhile, we cannot deny support from Facebook, the largest and most powerful company in the world that supports React.

▪ SEO– React is a more SEO-friendly framework that provides a facility for page crawling.

▪ Simplicity– React uses JSX JavaScript instead of the usual JavaScript like HTML that create or produce for easier to read understand and maintain.

2. JavaScript Frameworks Vue –

The second place in the JavaScript framework of ranking in the front-end category goes to Vue.js is an open-source lightweight front in JavaScript frame that can be used to build creative user interfaces and single-weightage applications with less effort.

A Google developer, Evan You, launched it. Most of the features are taken from React as Angular. It offers a two-way data binding like Angular. That provides high flexibility and a view layer with state management. It is simple, less complicated, less restrictive, and progressive according to the developer’s needs. Over the last 2 years, it has become more popular. Adobe. Apple and BMW are some world’s largest companies using this JavaScript framework.

Benefits of Using Vue –

Documentation – Among all other frameworks, Vue.js. is the best for documentation. Those who have a basic knowledge of JavaScript can learn Vue.js. in a short time with well-written and manageable documentation.

Size – Lightweight in size is one of the best features of using Vue.js. It hardly takes 18 to 20 KB in size. It is much more lightweight than other JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular.

▪ Comprehensive – It is easy to learn than React or Angular. It makes it easiest to grab HTML templates. Meanwhile, the complexity of the code does not increase.

MVC – Vue has an inbuilt MVC that is fast and easiest configuration.

3. JavaScript Frameworks Angular-

Angular.js. goes to 3rd rank in our JavaScript list framework in the frontend category. In 2010 Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons developed Angular. It is used to build a client-based single-page web application. Angular has taken motivation from React and made some changes within it, Model-View-Whatever is one of the biggest elements among them. It is the most secure and safe frontend JavaScript framework for users. A percentage of using angular is large in numbers including Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

Benefits of Using Angular –

Building Enterprises – It deals with building enterprises for web applications.

▪ Support of massive community – Angular has strong support from Google and huge developers on GitHub. It has massive library resources and community support for documentation.

Two-way Process – Angular is a two-way data-binding process between the Model layer and View layer and change reflects in each one of them.

▪ Element-based Structure – It is a strict element-based architecture, that provides reusability. Elements can use over again and again and developed code readability.

Performance– Angular has fast server performance as they support out-of-the-box catching & tons of features too.

4. JavaScript Frameworks Ember –

The fourth position has gone to Ember.js. in the list of the JavaScript framework in the frontend category. Model-View-View Model is the architecture structure of Ember.js. It is an open-source JavaScript framework. The original name was SproutCore 2.0 & later renamed Ember.js. Yehuda Katz has developed Ember.js JavaScript. The Command-line interface tool is one of the best features of Ember.js which means it is a powerhouse of productivity.

Benefits of Using Ember –

1 API– To work with API, it provides a simple mechanism.

2 Support & High quality – Support & High-quality documentation to help and get started easily.

3 Command Line Tool (CLT) – Command Line Tool (CLT) is the best feature and is known as a powerhouse of productivity.

4 Helpful – It helps to get start new projects as well as create elements & controllers by using an automotive generation system.

5▪ Inspector Tool– While using Chrome & Firefox, Ember.js has the quality Inspector development tool that helps to edit applications and monitor too.

5. JavaScript Frameworks Preact –

The fifth position has gone to Preact.js. in the list of the JavaScript framework in the frontend category. Jason Miller who was a professionally Senior Developer Engineer at google developed Preact. The main purpose to created Preact is to build a compact JavaScript framework, meanwhile, good things come in a small package. Preact is a bit faster in virtual DOM libraries on the market at present. It supports all the browsers. A large number of community has adopted Preact nowadays. There are lots of companies that have used Preact like

Benefits of Using Preact –

▪ Compatibility – There are possibilities to use lots of elements from the massive React ecosystem. It is much more efficient rather than React, regarding usage and work.

▪ Portability – Though it is similar to React, developers can switch to Preact easily at the time of production in the process of a project. A robust command-line tool was added by Preact, that helps to start a new project instantly.

▪ Productivity – It’s more obvious since it is lightweight then it will spare your efforts and it is highly efficient too. It comes with advanced features like state optimizing modifications.

▪ Performance Level– It became the fastest virtual DOM due to size matters.

▪ Size – It is available in a small size merely 3kb, which helps to make this framework more popular. It became the most popular lightweight framework.

6. JavaScript Frameworks Svelte –

Svelte is a front-end and open-source JavaScript framework that is sixth rank in the top list. It is quite similar to React and Vue JavaScript framework to enable developers to create web pages. It is use to create faster web page applications. The main purpose behind this framework is to build an interactive user interface. According to one of the surveys it became the most lovable & satisfied framework among the developers in the industries. It was developed by Rich Harris in 2016.

Benefits of Using Svelte –

▪ Efficiency– It is good for smaller project work.
Simple & Readable – It is much simpler than other JavaScript. It is simple and readable which makes it easy for new beginners as developers.
▪ Absence of Virtual DOM – It complies with vanilla JS and it is fast too.
Performance – It has the potential for all the above features makes to speed up the writing of an app.

JavaScript Frameworks Conclusion:

Subsequently, JavaScript is the world’s most fantastic programming language for the web. It is not so hard to learn. We can learn the topmost of JavaScript from basic to advanced according to its usage JavaScript is not only used for client-side but also in recent times, it has been used as a server-side programming language in the web development process. You need to understand project requirements before choosing the best framework for work. Every JavaScript has its own identity, usage, and features that are required during the process of development. You should be aware of the complexity, compatibility, performance, and community support. This topmost JavaScript list helps you to choose the perfect and suitable one for your project.

By Jyoti Lekule

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