Plugins are an important building block for our website. They bring important functions to our website, whether we need to add contact forms, improve our SEO, increase website speed, create an online store or offer email opt-ins.  We can do anything with plugins. There are so many free and premium WordPress plugins. It is no matter which type of website we are building. Choosing the right plugin is most important for our website security, speed, and user-friendliness.

Plugins are the backbone of WordPress. They offer so many services. The plugin is an app that is used with WordPress. It allows so many features, which we can add to your website. There are over 52,000 plugins.


The above names are the best plugins for WordPress.

SMUSH WordPress plugins

It’s improved our site performance, speed, and images. On the other side, doing the image manually is so time-consuming. SMUSH automatically compresses the image across our site and then uploads it to our media folder.

BORDERLESS WordPress plugins

It is a great WordPress. It gives expensive and unique elements and widgets. We can design our page with more features and with more designs. With BOARDLESS we get access to the slider, testimonials, and customer icons.

RAFFLEPRESS WordPress plugins

Everyone love giveaway. It helps to reach our new audience,  helps to connect with the current users, and deeper engagement. From RafflePress we can detect frauds at one time. It helps the user to share their giveaway on their social media.


Hubspot helps us in growing our business without marketing. It helps us to follow leads, track the conversation, and engage with our users. Additionally, the analytics tells us how well our efforts are doing. It is completely free and it helps us to grow leads and customers to our website.

ALL IN ONE SEO WordPress plugins

It helps us to make our site rank on search pages. We can see a site-wise audit of and health of our current site. It offers so many services On each page we can change meta description, title tags, and more.


It is an e-commerce plugin that helps us to sell Our products and services. woocommerce helps you to sell everything. woocommerce also shows reviews and ratings. It is a trusted plugin used by millions of WordPress.


It is one of the famous plugins for WordPress. The free version of the plugin comes with email notifications and form fields. With the premium version, we can get more functionality such as adding surveys.


It is one of the most important WordPress plugins. It makes it easy to optimize our Page and rank higher on search engines. With Yoast SEO we will get templates for title and meta description.


Caching is the method of storing website content in a user folder. Because when next time users search for the data it will access it automatically and increase site accuracy. It helps our website loading time. If our page loading slowly it will decrease the user interaction with our site.


 jetpack is a collection of tools and features. It helps to improve our site security and user engagement. It gives so many features for running our site smoothly. With Jetpack, we can add email subscriptions, improve security, and many more.


It is the easiest tool for social site networking. With the help of BuddyPress users can chat with one another, and create profiles. It helps us to add multi-media functionality and it is free of cost.


It helps our site loading speed, enabling various features. It helps to make things work smoothly and easily.



Whether we need site loading speed, security, accuracy, or improve user experience WordPress plugins help us to achieve our target.

With Jetpack, we gain website tracking features and many more. We have to make sure that our SEO is on point with Yoast. And it’s the main thing which we don’t forget Google XML site to rank our page. Akismet helps to block spammers. With the use of Smush and WP Super Cache, we can compress images easily and then upload them to a social media folder. With elementary page builders, we can make beautiful pages. Last but not the least, we can track our performance with MonsterInsights.

If we make all the things and tasks manually it will be so time-consuming. Plugins perform this complicated task easily.

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