Top 10 features your contact page, about page & other pages should have?

Top 10 features your contact page, about page & other pages should have?

Plato rightly said, “OUR NEED WILL BE THE REAL CREATOR.” Web Page can quickly analyze how technology which took birth nearly 2 million years ago, has given a new shape to the world in modern times. From using handmade to machine-based goods and products, humans, with their innovative minds, have turned the table upside down by upgrading their lifestyle and business. Many people around the globe used the internet, and the exposure was in limited hands. The wave of the covid-19 enlightened the people about the internet. Although, the big businesses were already reaching the people through the internet. But the wave gave birth to many startups and small companies worldwide on the digital platform. The internet plays a paramount role on the Earth, connecting people, producing, manufacturing, and providing goods, products, and services.

Website and Webpage

A web page is a single-page document with a unique URL on the internet containing information about a particular topic. At the same time, a website is a bunch of web pages. Both web pages and websites require the internet to run. Just like a book that bound the pages, the website holds the web pages.

Elements of Web Page

  • A web page is always created based on a specific goal and keeping the mentioned below points in mind.
  • Navigation – A web page containing some products, goods, services, or descriptions about a topic should be easy for a user to navigate. The user should know in which section they are present.
  • Visual Design – Every web page should always be attractive. The colors used should be in contrast so that the content is readable. A particular theme should be picked up for building a web page.
  • Content – It is regarded as the oxygen for the web page and overall for the website. A user is attracted to a product, good, or service when the words were written become the center of attraction.
  • Web Friendly – A web page that will lead to taking birth as a website should include all the meta tags versed in SEO. This paves the way for a more visual appearance on the World Wide Web and more traffic towards it.
  • Interaction – The main aim is to hold the users on each web page. The people contact the firm’s products, goods, and services.
  • Access to Information – Crucial information should be available on the web pages for the users. For example, essential details about a product should be visible on the web page. Any missing information can decrease the traffic to the website.
  • Intuitiveness – All web pages should be generated based on people’s wants and desires. Keeping in mind a user’s needs and how to fulfill that needs should be the objective.
  • Branding – A company’s logo, print material, content, and design reflects what type of business is run by the firm.
  • Turnaround Time – The time to load, run and respond should be quick, like the blink of an eye. If the web page takes more time to run, then the user will leave the bench.
  • Conversion – A good and effective web page will sow the seeds for many clients to connect, making the company a considerable profit.

Features That Every Web Page Should Have

A web page is the root of a website. It is constructed by using one or more than one programming languages. The web pages collab together to form a website. Hence, a web page is a hypertext document accessible through the internet. Building a webpage requires discussions about the objective, planning, and application. Before going on to the creation of a web page, the following points should always be kept in mind.

  • Objective – On the digital platform, people and many organizations own websites. When it is accessed, many web pages are linked to one another. Some web pages exist without any goal or aim, creating confusion for the user. Therefore, deciding the objective of a particular web page is quite important. For justification, a Contact Us page will consist of the details about the firm for contacting, and an About Us page will contain the information about the company when it came into being and its experience.
  • Design – When it comes to the design, a proper and organized layout with the planning of a web page should be done. Excellent and effective strategies will bring more and more attention from the crowd towards it. In addition to this, visualization will turn the audience to stay for long on the web pages. An unorganized structure will lead to a considerable loss.
  • Colors – After designing the color combination is a pivotal task. Always vibrant colors should be used that will go with the themes. Dark colors on the web pages should be avoided because the content does not become readable. Contrasting colors should be utilized.
  • Title of a Web page – As the name suggests, a web page should always have a title. The title highlights the user’s mindset about what a particular web page will contain. For example, Services as a title will reflect that it will have all the information about the facilities provided by the company.
  • Heading(s) and Subheading(s) –The headings should always be clear and loud. The ideas and the concept lies in these seven words. The subheadings act as the stoppage point for the user where they read the content from top to down. The user gets to know what the web page is all about.
  • Content –The content should be relevant to the point. Further, the vocabulary should be simple for better understanding. Also, the words should convey the message in a direct way rather than in an indirect way.
  • Images and Font– The web pages become more attractive when pictures of the specific topic are put. This gives more clarification for understanding the concept. An appropriate font style should be used. It should be simple, not fancy.
  • User Friendly and SEO – The web pages should be built so a user can easily use them and navigate to other pages. A site map is always good if provided. Meta tags should be versed in SEO. Also, the
  • Social Media as an Extension – Social media is a backbone for extending a company’s website. The social media links should always be present in the footer section. Social media provides a stage where engagement is more driven.
  • Unique – The web page should have a different theme that stands out from the crowd. Of this uniqueness, people are attracted to the website and web pages.

From my point of view, web pages play an important role on the stage of the internet. Not only this, web pages taking the shape of websites grab the attention of the world towards it. Also, when making a web page, its goal, layout, functionality, navigation, title, font, connection to social media platforms, and user-friendly should always be kept in mind. A good and efficient website will automatically attract people to the company’s products, services, and goods. Creating web pages according to the user’s needs and desires becomes essential.


To conclude, in the upgrading technological world, from small to big businesses, everyone is making their way towards the internet. The web pages should always be unique and meet people’s demands. It should be trendy and attract the world. Accurate and visual descriptions of the facilities the firm provides should be organized on the web pages.


How should content be organized?

The content should be relevant and to the web page’s objective. The description of the products, services, and goods should be accurate. The content should be plagiarism free due to which the world will get attracted to it.

How to a web page lead to a website different from others?

A web page should be unique from the others. It can be done by planning, focusing on structure, color contrast, and linking to social media. Also, the content should be attractive to the user. The websites should have a site map to be accessible for navigation.

Why should web pages be focused more ?

A web page is the root of a website. And it becomes crucial to work and focus on the bases because the roots fetch all the material required for growth. Similarly, web pages are the core for attracting the world.

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