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Top things that you need to consider before designing a website

Before moving on towards designing, you need to be aware of what kind of market that you are going to Target, then come up with good planning and see whether a sketch or kind of design that you are starting is the right fit for the market that you are targeting or not.

For the last couple of years, I understood that a website must need to have a good design, be clean, and be user-friendly. One of the primary essential things in the design phase is whether your website is looking clean or it’s Messi because our brains wire in such a way where we always want to see things that are easy for us, that can relieve the mind, that cannot be overwhelming,
So you need to think in terms of the psychological traits of a human behaviour pattern, and how exactly our mind works. When you see something,

So you need to think in terms of psychological traits of a human behaviour pattern, that how exactly our mind works When you saw something,

humans are social animals. Our minds wire to see the good in everything. If something is soothing to your mind, then suddenly you will feel good

that is exactly what I want to say here you need to design your website in such a way that can look clear that must be using very light colours and also.

Go and start designing the things on paper before the computer

Go and start designing the things on paper before the computer

Let’s talk about how our brain works when it comes to designing, see when you were young what do you use to design everything on paper and that was so easy for you,

I always try to design my things on paper before moving on to the computer, and the best part is I can think more. Clearly, I can easily understand that ok this is the navigation path this is the block this is the section where I want to put all of these things here and there, and you can also think, when you are designing everything on paper, it can also give you a natural feeling,

it can also save your energy time and help you to to connect with your Deep knowledge (Subconscious) because designing is not something that can you achieve from your ordinary mind; it is beyond something let’s see if you are working on some project, then you need to

 when you are trying to visualize something
then you can get the best possible ideas from your subconscious mind; It can also give you a clear perspective about your design.

I highly recommend you to go somewhere everything is silent and peaceful. Then start trying to design the thing that you want to achieve.
And the best possible way to alter your mind to the designing phase. It would help if you had silence to develop the grand design.

Understanding the solution that you are going to use in design
CMS content management system

Let’s say we talk about designing something on the content management system.

It would be straightforward for you to come up with significant animation effects in your design. Let’s say you are using WordPress Wix Shopify. You can get clean.

Detailed structure in just a couple of days, but sometimes you need to buy more expensive plugins to approach your design needs. Let’s say what kind of animation you want to add for certain types of animation.

You are not going to write code from scratch do you understand that ok if I want to achieve a certain level of animation, then I need to buy this plugin so that it will be convenient for you.

If you are not a CSS coder, you can quickly get the software and design & whatever you want to, so you can also come up with a very complex design

and there is a higher chance that you can quickly achieve all of those things by using the CMS platform, using their website builder like Elementor WP page bakery builder, and so on.

HTML and CSS designing

If you have a severe project, you need to design everything from scratch without using any page builder.

Now you need to write codes for every element that you are going to use, so you need to understand that it will take a long time to design your thing. Still, the best part is you can achieve anything or everything you want By writing pure CSS, and it is the best way of creating a website but one of the most important things that I want to share before closing this topic.

You can only achieve complex designs if you are using pure CSS in your website. The reason is that most people do not have that kind of expertise that’s why they fall behind from rest 1%, So

if you want to achieve a great design you must need to aware of CSS HTML JavaScrip, Dom manipulation

every single thin, At least you need to understand how flexbox grid system how CSS work, you know these are the essential part of making sure that what exactly your expertise are before going towards complex design



I want you to remind one thing if you’re going to achieve a great design in your website and you want it to work faster than you always need to use pure CSS, There are lots of gurus out there who will say to you that go for the bootstrap use Tailwind CSS use third-party CDN to design your website, you may achieve your thing, but there are lots of things so that you cannot change,

let’s see if you are using bootstrap then the biggest drawback is you cannot target, every single class you cannot change the buttons, very easily bootstrap website can always be seen from naked eyes, and you understand that whatever the websites are using bootstrap is going to you have lots of unused codes in their backend,

Due to that, their website might be slow. The design may look similar. All the websites designed with the bootstrap are identical, You can easily find out, so I highly recommend you do not go for any third-party CSS If you are serious about your design and website.

Clean and fresh design

Now let’s talk about the challenging thing that triggers our mind; let’s say going somewhere, and there are two kinds of places.

The first one is Messi, items are not arranged, and everything is unorganized lots of trash is spread all over the floor, how you will feel about it. Your mind will be going to trigger you, and you are going to feel inadequate within yourself,

Now let’s talk about another place where everything is completely set up, tables are clean, and floors are cleaned. And there are beautiful flowers, so your mind will instantly trigger you that, ok I like this, and this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in my entire life. And I want to see it again, So the conclusion is if your design is complex Messi their mind will tell them that they never want to come again, I don’t like to visit there it isn’t very safe.

They will likely exit your page and never try to see, even if you have the best content globally, so that is the essential thing you always need to have an excellent and clear website.

The effective color scheme of your website

Before designing any website in my entire life, this is one of the most important things that I am going to focus on that is color because the color is emotion color is the response color will represent the happiness, frustration, emotional imbalance, the color will represent that who exactly you are as an industry,

Web Design | Web Development | Cyberinitiation

Tips on How to design a website, Web Design & Web development

let’s talk about Facebook Facebook is blue; just because they wear focusing on colour blindness colour blind people can also perfectly see Facebook, so the thing is,

If your website is filled with very intimating colours very dirty colours, then there is a higher chance that you are not going to get a positive response, because still, the mind will going to trigger them and tell them that, ok I am not feeling peaceful while seeing this website because it is there red colour,

here is the pink colour they were using. It is unprofessional; they are using random pics which does not have identical colours, So make sure that whatever colour that you are using always fits according to your business need always fit according to the logo that you are building,

your entire header footer, and whatever the kind of section is having, always make sure that everything will match, Do not use outside things that cannot check with your website, So try to represent a good colour scheme in your website according to your brand colours.

Branding of your website

Your brand is the story that can help you to connect with the people you are providing your product and services; they will identify you by seeing your brand name-color so you can build a good trust with your customers & clients; branding can help you to achieve customer trust for the long term,

So now let’s talk about how we can get a good design according to our brand. If you have a website, you have a logo your logo must have good colour. Hence, you need to understand that the sections and the images that you are going to use are fit for your brand or not and whether the colour of every team is matching, according to your brand identity. So you can quickly build loyal customers for the long term.

So make sure whenever someone lands on your page. If you are running some campaign or doing some social media marketing, You always need to make sure your website’s content is according to your social media pages and your banners. Everything will be going to matter.

Navigation of your website

Let’s say you have lots of pages on your website, let’s say 500 pages, now you someone is visiting your website, and finding specific service. Your offering on your website is hard to find. Let’s see if the service that the user is looking for is under the services then. Other services than other services,

so let’s say it has a thorny tree, so it is highly likely that the customer will be going to land some other website. If he will not be able to find the exact thing that he is looking for, So you need to make sure that whatever the services and products and things that you are showing on entering the website must be easily accessible from the navigation bar on the top of your head, or they can easily see that all of these services are in front of them and then they can quickly go and click and find your services, that exactly they want for themself, so you are helping them to build a user-friendly


You always need to think in terms of standard human behaviour patterns; Nobody wants to do work in any way.

It can be mind work or physical work, so you need to make sure that they can easily find all of those things in front of them without wandering here and there. So this is one of the significant important things that you need to be aware of user-friendly navigation for your customers.


Whatever the content services product that you have, it must have shown in front of the clients or customers; your visitors are the asset of your website. So whatever the information they are trying to find, make sure that they can get it quickly. To find the best possible way, you can easily trigger them to do something that a trigger means.

You are telling your customers that they need to subscribe to the newsletter form; here is about us. These things that we are doing here is a call to action button. They can call you instantly. Here is our new blog post that they need to be aware of. These are the new market opportunities that they can also see.

These are the new product launches that can help them to improve their productivity; they can also look at them and buy them. Let’s see if they don’t want to stay on your page. You can also use a popup form they can quickly sign in for your newsletter, so you can send them an email about your new services or new products that you are building. These are the things that you always need to take care of.

Call to action

You always see that people have very great websites, they have great content, great products, one of the good products in the country, excellent services, but the thing they are lacking is the interaction with the user, let’s say a user start loving your services and he starts thinking about to buy your service or product, but he does not find anything that can trigger him to take action because you do not have any call to action in your website,

So you always make sure that you can tell them that they can call you directly you are not going to tell them that they need to fill out the form before taking your services. Everything that you are offering always needs to be easy for them, so always make sure that you add a call to action button on every page of your website.

Loading speed of your website

The speed of your website is one of the crucial things in the Google search engine.

If the speed of your website is slow, you might lose lots of customers and visitors to your website even though if you have good quality products and services on your website, you will fall behind. Your competitors will win—a good load time speed on the website.

How to fix the loading speed of your website

Many things can help you increase your website speed. Let’s talk about the best possible ways of increasing the loading time speed of your website.

Having a clean code that follows the DRY principle

What does it mean by having a clean code DRY principal? Whenever you are trying to build your website, always ask your developer what he uses to develop your website. You always need to make sure that your website always has dose codes useful for your website.

Do not try to use a third-party CDN if you are using a third-party CDN; there are higher chances of including useless codes that are not even required for your website. and required code I will always run when your page is loading. Still, they are not helpful, so it will drop your website speed, so always try to make sure that you are not going to use any third-party CDN, just like bootstrap tailwind CSS, and so on.

Choosing the best hosting plan

If you have a good hosting plan where your website has hosted, make sure that you always choose the right plan for your website. Let’s see you are going to have 10000 visitors per day. It is highly recommended that you choose a premium or business plan because your website always needs to have a good bandwidth to work faster. I will not recommend any hosting plan right here because it is just up to you.

Having large size images

Let’s say you have a blog and use lots of images to show your blog in a much more beautiful way, but the problem is you are going to end up including lots of images, and it will reduce the website speed of your page or blog. so always make sure that whatever the kind of image that you are using compress 8 and change the size according to the requirement

then try to use it it is highly recommended that if you are using lots of images, your website will automatically going to get slow make sure you use content instead of lots of images you can also include links from the other website that can help your blog load faster because if you are using image link that will be much better instead of including the entire image.

How to reduce website speed in WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that can help you build your website without using a single code with the help of builders. Still, the problem is you are going to include lots of code in your website, which is unnecessary you might be using lots of plugins that are heavier for your website so make sure that if you are using any of these things. it will not affect your website at an extreme level always try to use premium plugins and do not use any nulled plugins has highly recommended that you remove unnecessary plugins images media files from your website to increase the website speed make sure you always use premium plugins and update your website continuously which will help you to maintain your site speed you also need to update the PHP version of your website do all of these changes it will surely help you.

SEO friendly website

What does an SEO-friendly website mean? Google search engines always want a website fit for their rules and regulations. These rules have been designed to help increase the usability of the Google search engine so people get better results. It is a better suggestion. That’s why they have some guidelines that you always need to follow to build an SEO-friendly website.

Navigation of your website in SEO

If you have a user-friendly navigation bar, then it is highly likely that your user can find the right information, services, and product that you are selling to them which is why navigation is always put inside the header tags footer must be put inside the footer tax. Inside the body, it will help Google boat recognize where exactly you are using the header where you are using.

footer body what is your primary heading what your picture is all about these things will help Google to understand your website in a better way if you are building your website according to guidelines of the Google then their boat will going to send a positive signal to the search engine, and it will help you to rank your website so always make sure that you use user-friendly code and clean code to get better ranking better website that can help you to rank your website and also help you for providing better services.


The responsiveness of a website

In the past years when we wear building websites, people do not worry that much about the website’s mobile-friendliness.

Still, these days every single person is using a mobile phone 95% of visitor’s likely I will go to open your website through mobile phones it is your responsibility to make your website responsive for every single device that the people are using if you want to expand your business and if you want to reach out every e client. There will be no extra charges if you are a developer making your website responsive, so you know not to need to worry about it just tell them that they need to make a responsive design.

Integration of the social media

These days social media is one of the major important platforms in this world, so if you have social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, then you can integrate all of those accounts into your website which can help you to to look your website modern it will help you to to improve your customers base as well as you can get modern design if you integrate your social media directly to your website.

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