The Impact of Chatbot on Web Development | CYBERINITIATION

The Impact of Chatbots on Web Development | Cyberinitiation
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-Vanshika Sharma


A chatbot appears as a virtual guide or assistant to any site user, it can be accessed by the users in real-time as 24/7 customer service.

Whenever a business ventures out to the internet, it always looks for ways to increase sales of its products and/or services via innovative and adaptable means. For that, it needs to prioritize the needs and feedback of its buyers and/or visitors. One way it can achieve this is through ‘bots’.

Programmed with unique algorithms, it converses with them without human intervention. Its dynamic use helps a firm to stay in touch with its patrons as well as potentially attract new ones. This service saves a lot of resources, besides improving customer satisfaction.

Customers’ grievances were most handled applications prior to the advent of chatbot. But apps usually require a lot of storage space on any device of the users. Moreover, they need to be updated every once in a while. These issues cannot be traced in chatbot and are considered quicker than any application. As online tools, they don’t occupy any device memory and can be easily managed, personalized, or customized. It can also attend and give out the required information to many users at the same time, maintaining a flow in conversation and forming a connection with them.

As an AI-based software application that understands, analyzes and learns about the users’ queries, it can either follow pre-set rules, customized questions, or simple questions in real-time. It shows a site with a chatbot attracts more traffic. It also helps to combat mundane questions of the visitors and assists them as any salesperson would do.


From the business’s side:

Marketers can use bots as a cheap and quick replacement for customer services. They are currently use primarily as a competitive tool against business competitors, but in the future could become increasingly important ineffectively applications. A typical chatbot can handle up to 70% of the tasks performed by assistants. So, any consultant could only look over atypical grievances of their customers, thus conserving time and energy.
From a consumer’s point of view, speedy redressal of complaints saves their most valuable resource, time. If a business incorporates Chatbot in its grievance procedure policy, then it will seem more lucrative to its visitors than its competition.


From a Financial Viewpoint:

it doesn’t bear heavy expenditure on a business model, and any person can quite efficiently communicate with the bots which would exponentially increase the company’s sales. this all can be achieved in a clear and comprehensible manner. Moreover, the firm can connect to clients on any social media platform.


From a consumer’s side:

To a customer, the chatbot can be as effective as a real counsellor and can avail of the various conveniences in their footstep without doing additional research. A customized chatbot can store the profile of users, and their product-related history, so that it can attend to their needs and recommend products designed according to their preferences. There is also a built-in FAQ catalogue which can be conveniently referred to by the chatbot which then would relay the solutions to the recipients’ queries, like a learned AI question-answer interaction. With the ongoing dependence on artificial intelligence, bots will be more accepted in the future. It would be fruitful for a firm to invest in this technology at an early stage.



Automated chatbot have been in rotation for the past couple of years as the technology is becoming more dynamic. It should be clear that they have left a mark on online communication services. As any company should base its activities on keeping the customers at the centre of their policies, a chatbox can benefit them by tending to their needs and making them more connected with their suppliers. For a firm, it would lead to increased profits at low expenditure costs. Since it would benefit both parties, the automated service of chatbot that is available 24/7, should be a perfect investment on the end of any business.

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