When you look at the industries, you can see many websites are available on the internet. you may be thinking about how small businesses can run this type of website even though these websites are identical to a website developed by using core web development. These websites are based on a content management system, which is a way of building a website by using website builders; the most popular CMS platform is WordPress Shopify Wix, and so on. Millions of websites are running by using these platforms WordPress for the press is one of the most popular CMS platforms where lots of websites are available. Many plugins are available that make the work easier for web developers because they are easy to manage and anyone can use. WordPress can help you to deploy your E-Commerce website very quickly. You can also build your plugins and integrate them into your website. Sometimes you need to buy your plugin to use premium services. WordPress development is one of the best solutions for building websites for small businesses. Cyberinitiation recommend you go for WordPress development first Later, you can move toward co-development.


WordPress is one of the highly customizable platforms that are open source. There are hundreds of themes available for WordPress development websites, and thousands of plugins use core functionalities like e-commerce. It covers 85% market and supports woo-commerce which allows WordPress to build an online store.


Magento Helps you to build your online store by using their CMS system. It Offer you those e-commerce functionalities that other platforms lack; its E-Commerce functionalities are far better than others. It gives you a scalable content mobile-friendly version and having a very vast community.


According to its name, you can identify that what Shopify stands for. It is a CMS platform that allows you to build a very robust online store for your business. You can go and set up your Shopify store and start selling online. It is a good platform for online stores.


It is one of the best platforms for deploying your e-commerce website because it offers you to take control over entire physical and digital products in your website also allows you to control your inventory new features like native blogging, build in SEO, email integration, shipping support, sell wherever you want


It is also a CMS platform that allows you to build any website. It is also highly customizable, and as well as you can have reasonable control over the website, it provides multilingual capability also offers extensions for the website.


Wix has made the work easy for website developer for building websites. Can a blogging website sell your product? They allow everything on their website by providing tools inside the login portal. You may not need to buy other party plugins as it needed in building WordPress development websites. They provide all the features by their platform.

Business planning







Selecting the platform that fit your business

We always recommend that according to your business model, you have to choose your technology. Suppose you are an artist and not selling your product. You are just showcasing things, so you need a portfolio website for which you can use WordPress. You don’t need an E-Commerce website. According to your business model, we can select a great platform.

Growth Strategies

It can easily find lots of tools when it comes to marketing. For SEO, you might like your side. It will help you optimize your website in SEO-friendly ways, like which have their ways of integrating metadata and description. Hence, every platform has its tools, and you can use marketing tools and analytics tools.

  • Selection of the SEO tool for the website.
  • Selection of the email marketing tool.
  • Selection of the analytic tool.
Website Growth strategy

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