UI / UX Design

It is the process of improving the design of the product and user satisfaction. It helps to interact with the product. It is not just making the better design but it also helps people to achieve their targets and become better.

User Interfaces are of four types: –
  • Command Line Interface.
  • Menu-driven Interface.
  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Touchscreen Graphical User Interface

The user interference is important because it helps to meet the expectation. The main role of designers is to create software design and ideas. UI design is the interaction of the software with the point of human interaction and communication.

  1. Language
  2. Colour
  3. Icons
  4. Typography
  5. Imagery
The four phases of UI Design are: – 
  • Wireframing
  • Sketching
  • Visualization
  • Slicing


It is the process to create a meaningful and relevant experience to users, in this process design team use to create a product design.

This involves the entire process.

From 1970’s to 80’s we can traceUX Design. It is also known as “Human-Computer Interaction” or “HCI”. People used windows icons instead of lines of code. This is the start of the revolution, companies like Apple and Microsoft started borrowing from Alto to create their own personal computers. Today we are dealing with new technology and new software like smartphones, and virtual and augmented reality.

Don Normas coined the term “USER EXPERIENCE” and he also said, “DESIGN IS EVERYTHING”. He meant that UX designers not only care about when the product is used but he also cares about before the product is purchased and also after it is used.

Let’s take an example, UX Designers not only care about the product design or software we also care about how are target audience or user will interact with the product.

Thus, UX Design becomes a huge term that includes “Usability”, “Psychology”, “Sociology”, and “Aesthetics”. User experience adds value to the customer product. Developing customer satisfaction is not only the company’s vision but also team’s responsibility.


Great user experience design promotes our product and becomes our key part of building and growing customer confidence. A great product or excellent content or user experience helps the organization to achieve its business goals. The product development part includes a good user experience. The primary rule of the designing part is that when we put our customer in the center. It helps us to create designs that are clean and simple. It helps to provide a WOW experience to your users.


In order to provide a solution, we first need to understand the problem. Before beginning of the design our team should be know the requirements. To become a good designer, we should look deeper how the user use our product or software. We should regularly engage with our user or target audience.


In this step we should work on final graphics. Apply great using templates and themes and colours. Development team is also a part of this stage. This stage includes preparing and sharing of design, principles, guidelines and rules.


It is the basic key step towards the designing part. We as designer research on the topic to explore how the outer world is working on such features. UNDERSTAND MARKET COMPETITION, LEARN ABOUT YOUR DOMAIN, GET INSPIRATIONS AND IDEAS FROM YOUR COMPETITORS


Technical stage is working in the early phases of the project, while designing team working on the designing part. Development team builds back-end functionality.


Draw paper sketches, whiteboard flows and wireframes to share your ideas. This stage itself is an interesting process. This is also a definition phase of UI Design. During this process we should keep our goal in our mind and make user friendly design and product. Generate ideas and work on them.


This is the final stage of the process before implementing the product.
• Is the system being useable?
• Is it easy to use for users?
• Does it provide the desirable solution?

Business planning

Designing and Developing


Scaling after Deployment


Creating Plans to acquire future goals


Using a website to expand your business

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Growth Strategies

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Importance of user interface?

      The user interference is important because it helps to meet the expectation. The main role of designers is to creative software designs and ideas. UI design is the interaction of the software with the point of human interaction and communication.

      Which software we use for UI and UX design?

      Sketch, Axure, Craft, Proto.io, Adobe XD, Marvel, Figma.

      Explain 4 phases of UI Design?

      • Wireframing
      • Sketching
      • Visualization
      • Slicing

      What is design?

      It is the process of implementation and of an activity or process.

      Name the types of User interference?

      Command Line Interface, Menu-driven Interface, Graphical User Interface, Touchscreen Graphical User Interface.

      Elements for UI Design?

      • Language
      • Colour
      • Icons
      • Typography
      • Imagery


      Design and software are regularly updated and changing. Now companies are facing more challenges in the market. All the companies give their best to their designing part but sometimes they lack user experience. Most the companies didn’t interact with their target audience or user and this is the biggest drawback for them. Today in this challenging world we should keep our goal in our mind and our key focus should be our user.

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