E-commerce Development

The rate of growth of eCommerce is swift. In the last quarter of 2020, its growth was 36%. In 2020 most significant growth was noticed in the personal care products like beauty, wellness which was 95% over the year. The electronic category rises around 27%.
That’s why eCommerce development is growing. Now you understand why you need an online store because the growth rate of your business is rapid. New companies can dominate if they implement the right strategy. We have to make sure that we come with the right plan. eCommerce websites also need higher maintenance. We have to maintain its speed continuously. Navigation must be user-friendly; security is also crucial because people are buying from your restore website, so make sure there are no loopholes available on your website. Like an insecure website or an old version of the technology you are using in your website PHP Python Django.

Single brand website development

A single brand website is a type of website individual, or a company e is selling a kind of Brand products or services like clothing store a personal dedicated so Store for a unique brand. Where are you selling your digital product like only a yoga product type of website? For example, Adidas may have shirts, shoes, sports products, and their brand is always the same.


One of the highest growing websites can be because the young entrepreneur's new businesses list their products on your website, and you can get a commission from every product they are recording. The best example is Amazon,eBay, Alibaba. They do not have their consequences. On their website, they are still making billions of dollars by selling other people's products on their website.

Affiliate website development

An affiliate website is also a good way of making money here. You don't need to import products for your business; you don't need to make your products. You refer those products to other people and profit from them, so if you think that you don't have an effect or services, but still you want to make money, then an affiliate marketing website is the best way.

Freelancing Marketplace

There are many websites like Upwork fibre that offer freelancing services, so if you have a plan to run this kind of website, you can also come up with a good idea and launch your website and make it your freelancing Marketplace. This is also an excellent way to provide services and create value for your business because it will help companies get clients or employees for their work.

Online retailers website

This type of website is suitable for large retailers. They may be selling other brands' products in their Store, or you may find other different products, they are in the wholesale business with those products. You can see these businesses are importing other businesses' products and Wholesale selling at a wholesale rate. So you might need this type of website for your wholesale business.

Website Security

Always make sure that your website must be fully secured for your customers, ensure that whatever the services you are using, whatever extensions or plugins you are using are genuine not to use cracked version do not use the website without SSL because here you are taking credit card information, so security must be your number one priority.

For E-commerce Business Models

Business-to-business (B2B)


Business-to-consumer (B2C)


Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)


Consumer-to-business (C2B)


Planning According to business models

An E-commerce website can come up with lots of responsibilities. You have to come up with the right strategy for your website about your social media platforms. Many things can help you rank your website that can help you sell your product or services, like social media marketing email marketing. Search Engine Optimisation can help you get to increase your ranking. Due to high competition in eCommerce websites, you can also implement things like blogging video marketing, so you can implement these things and see a better result in your business.

Growth Strategies

We already posted about the growth strategies on our blog
navigate to our blog section to learn growth strategies.

  • You are scaling your business by choosing the right products / Services and also identifying customers.
  • You are selecting the right E-Commerce platform according to your business model or size.
  • You are choosing the right web hosting according to your targeted visitors or customers.
  • Come with the right marketing plan for the store/ business.
  • We are planning for at least six months of the growth strategy for your Store.
Website Growth strategy

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