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SEO Friendly Content, Know How to Create Seo Friendly Article 2021

SEO Friendly Article 2021

SEO friendly content or seo friendly article is important in order to rank your website We are going to have a look at how to create your content in such a way that it is friendly to the search engines and as well as the users. So let’s get started. In general, having a good user experience on the site is very important if someone visits your site and if he or she is not able to access your content with these, then you can say that it’s obvious that the search engines will also not like it so you should always put the first preference to user experience and then we should look at how search engines will look at your pages as well.

Website loading speed Suppose you have a website, which is loading very slow, or if you have a website that is not optimized for mobile. Phones, then it is very obvious that the users are not going to have a good experience. Some of the other things that you need to take care of.


Do not use pagination & content blocking popups

You should not have multiple pages of the same content. So you would have seen that certain websites have very varied content, you know, it could be something like five tips to or seven ways to or ten things and they will make it in such a that all the ten different things are available in separate pages and you have to clip clicking next every time, so that is not a good user experience. And many people do it to increase their ad Impressions and increase their pay use to artificially kind of inflate the page views because it’s the same user, and if he is seeing an ad or not seeing another, it doesn’t change with multiple page views. So do not do pagination and do not block your content. Like for example, only use popups if someone tries to exit, then you can show your pop up the best thing is it does not block the content as soon as a visitor visits the website, and Just no bad user experience there. So, in general, these two things that you have to follow.

Having A clear title and good keyword density.

You should have a clear title for your blog post, and then you can wrap your headings in H1 tags in general. If you are using WordPress is done by default because WordPress is very SEO-friendly and optimized for search engines. You can include the target keywords and make them occur in a natural way. So there is no set percentage of what percentage of those Target keywords you should have on your website. So if you are naturally writing an article about some topic like for example, if I am writing an article about Facebook ads and if I am writing 2000 words of an article in a natural way, the keyword density will be around two to three percent. So that is the most natural. There are a few tools where you can check the keyword density so you can go ahead. Search for such tools on the web. Go ahead, include your article and include the target keyword. So these tools will tell you what percentage of keywords you have. Take care that the keyword density does not go above 10% 5% or because then it would look very spammy to the search engines, and there might be a risk of such engines penalizing your website.

Make sure you put an ALT tag and compress images.

If you are uploading images, make sure you compress the images as we have discussed before are also make sure that the image names are relevant to the articles that you are writing on. For example, if I am writing an article on search engines and if I am putting a screenshot in the blog post, so if the file name of that image will also be something like search engines or receive or something related to that alt tax or something that you can set inside WordPress when you upload the image as well side you will have An option to include an ALT tag, alt tags called as alternate tags. So when the image does not load, the tags will have a description of what the image is about. For example, if I include a screenshot of my Google analytics, such con or Google analytics or search console, then I would enter the alt tag as a Google analytics screenshot or search console screenshot or something like that.

Write Quality content

Make sure that the content on the page is rich. If you include slides and videos, what it does is that it gives richer content, it gives more user engagement. So the user is spending more time on your website, and these are all good signals that are received by the search engines, and they will be able to rank your pages higher. Create good engagement. Make sure that the content is in such a way that the user spends more time. You encourage the users to share it on social media and make sure that you are web page also has a low bounce rate. So if you have a very clear layout for your web page and if users can find what they need, then your Source will spend more time on the side. So here, the bounce rate will automatically below. So Google will track, so some people say that Google does not track all these metrics, but many people, many SEO experts do say that Google. Backstage metrics through a variety of methods. They have the Chrome browser. They have Google analytics with themselves. It is owned by Google, and there is also something called Google safe search, which is an algorithm that even Firefox and Safari use to kind of filter out the bad websites from the internet, and there are some experts who claim that Google can also track metrics like time spent on site the behavior on the site and things like that even if someone is using other browser and even if they don’t have Google Analytics, Account, so that’s about it.



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