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Rajnish rao Cyberinitiation CEO and Founder
The Founder

Rajnish Rao

Having an experienced team in different fields is essential. We have a Specialized team for every single task with years of experience. I don’t believe in multitasking while work you need to finish one task then moves on to the next; I always want to work with people who love their job & always willing to improve their skills; I appreciate people who still want to learn new skills, For Me, It doesn’t matter whether it is your related field or different, Improvement is a part of our journey, Like I always read books, learning new technologies, Travel, happiness doing my own thing. It is another kind of wealth because having expertise in one area is far better than working on different tasks & having no experience. If you build a beautiful relationship with everybody, you will get more your Employees will learn more and keep happy your client because they are too. Keep a healthy environment in your organization




Founder / Chief Executive Officer 


Computer Science Graduate From Delhi University. Specialization In Entrepreneurship From University Of Pennsylvania.


5+ years as a Full Stack Developer, Core Python Programmer, SEO expert.