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Effects of using saas over conventional CSS

Writing a simple CSS cascading stylesheet is a good way of designing a website. Still, sometimes it leads to more confusion when you are building design layouts. It would help if you came up with a proper configuration; still, using simple CSS, it was always hard for me to separate all the codes in a well-mannered way. Hence the sass is the only thing that can help you organize every section of your code to separate your files and different folders. In this tutorial, I explained the simple process of using sass in HTML.

What is SASS?

SASS syntactically awesome style sheets is a CSS preprocessor which is also called as saas this item will help you to organize your code in a very highly effective way where you can hold your colors in two variables to some mathematical operations with it you can use mixins loss functions import and other interesting functionalities along with this if you write simple CSS it will always be hard for us to organize every single thing while building our website and it might leads to some confusion so saas It will help you to organize and separate every single file in your codebase, it will help you to manage every single section into a separate folder, and you don’t need to write CSS from scratch will automatically generate CSS for us,sass in HTML

Its Syntex is user-friendly.

The best part is you can easily understand its syntax because it’s user-friendly once you start writing your code from one section You don’t need to leave the code section again. I explained to you in this particular video, how you can easily target the whole section in just one go. Your code will look clean and you can easily understand everything even a year later. Because SAS uses a nested syntax which is more beneficial.

Mixins will help you to avoid maximum code.

Suppose you have a section with lots of codes, and you want to use that code many times. Mixing will help you to do that. It will help you reduce the excessive amount of code in your codebase best way of implementing the dry principle.

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