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how to set preferred domain in your wordPress website

CI How to fix WordPress redirects: 

What is the redirect Chain issue?

If you have multiple URL for the same page or website, like this :


We are Suppose your website is opening for every single URL. Then the google bot will consider every single URL as a Domain. It means you have 3 different domains with the same content, images & videos.
So what will happen Google bot will confuse then it will send the wrong signal to the search engine, which means you have copy content from another website.

“It means Google faces the problem of finding the original one.
Then the google may pick the wrong URL and index it.
In terms of SEO, This thing is so dangerous for our website.
We are going to solve the home page redirection issue.

But before diving into that, let’s talk about

different types of redirects.

301 redirect :

It is the Permanent redirect where we redirect permanently deleted or moved pages as well as pages with refreshed permalink structure. 

302 Found and 307 Temporary redirect:

302 and 307 just temporary redirects. The only difference is 302 code contains less information about the redirect. 307 is less vague, where it tells search engines that the page has a temporary location, but it will be back soon.

410 Content deleted:

we use this redirect when we delete a post or a page for good, and we know for sure it will not be coming back. so the search engine can understand that they can delete the page form index

Let’s fix the Home page redirect issue in WordPress:

step 1: go to the admin panel/Dashboard.

how to setup preferd domain in wordpress

Step 2: Go to settings.

If you have SLL Certificate & and activated, which means you have the https://www.cyberinitiation.com/ version of your website, it is also the preferred version of the domain considered as a secured domain.

how to setup preferd URL in wordpress

if you don’t have SLL Certificate, then write this version:

how to setup preferd secure or non secure domain in wordpress



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