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How to become Full Stack Developer

How to Become a Full-stack Developer

1: What is Front-end Development?

Before jumping on what about full-stack development, let’s look at the two things:

Without Going any technical details 

Let’s understand simply

Front-end Development

Front-end Development is something where you design something so the people can see and interact with that thing. Focus on The word Front-end Meaning is here like you are you build a house from outside. People will see it and interact but can’t use it, but there is nothing inside, no electricity, no water, nothing installed. 

 Logical Meaning

Front end development is client-side development. With HTML, CSS & JavaScript, we create a website to see and interact with them directly. The important part is you need to be useful in development, but you also need to be creative at the same time to become a successful front end developer.


  1. What is HTML ?

It stands for Hypertext Markup Language; we use it to structure website pages like how content will be structure, how the navigation will be, a list of bulleted points, or images.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for cascading stylesheet; it is only used to style the web page like how the color will be the font style we are going to use say it’s just like makeup.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is everywhere; without it, you will not like any website, especially these days. Its use for adding dynamic and interactive elements to websites. You can easily insert JavaScript anywhere in HTML

Backend Development

In Simple term

Suppose you build your house walls & it looks well from the outside, but you have nothing installed. Inside your whole house looks good from the outside, but there is no water supply, no electricity, no bed, nothing. It means your home is just a showcase. So now you need some backend Development; You need a water pipeline, electricity pipeline, and other functionalities required to have a perfect living house.

Backend development is server-side development. We only focused on how the website is going to work. Making a Core update to your site will be going your responsibility,

Example: adding a chatbot to your website, adding file upload functionality in your contact form and any changes in the database will be handled by you.

Readmap of Full-Stack Development


Do you know every Most of the backed developer know the front end Development because we always start from front end Development? So obviously, we aware of the front-end languages like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript. 

Let’s Talk About backend Programming languages.

We use PHP, Django(Python web Framework), Ruby on Rails, Java, etc., for backend coding. While developing, we mostly focus on

responsiveness & speed of the website. These core languages primarily

focused on creating dynamic websites, which is very different from standard static websites. These types of websites are store database information such as cart info. customer in details, product details, email id, name, etc

Examples of dynamic websites is Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Upwork, Coursera, MIT OCW.

Backend languages Django (Python Open Source Web Framework) It is one of my favorite programming languages. Honestly, I only code in python; Python Is consider the top-most programming language in the world & the Highest is paying. The programming language in the world, Django has written in pure python, which is work on

MVT(Model view template) It’s a high-level Python website development framework that rapidly enables the development of secure and maintainable websites. Trust me; you don’t need to care much about the hassle of web development; you can quickly write your app without worrying about building anything—the full functionality. I always love to work with Django. If you just started or are working on something else, trust me, and I recommend you try Django only one you will love it.


Let’s Talk About the general Purpose scripting language, specially designed for creating. Dynamic website. Use to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, even build complete e-commerce website functionality. It is also an easy programming language, especially if you have just started learning backend development. 

Ruby On Rails

It is a server-side web application framework, purely written in Ruby under the MIT License. It s a model view controller framework, providing default structures for a database, It is a development tool that Provides web developers an the accurate framework, giving structure to the developers of the codes they write. It helps developers to build web applications, it simplifies the repetitive task.


Java view technologies and frameworks are web-based software libraries that provide the UI, or “view-layer.” Java web applications. Such application frameworks define web pages and handle the HTTP requests generated by those web pages.

How to Become Full Stack Developer 2021

What is a full-stack developer? 

A full-stack developer is someone who has both capabilities, that person can design and develop websites as well as he/ she will able to handle the backend data of the website both front-end and backend who can create by using HTML & CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap also able to integrate databases into the website like contact form news latter subscription, etc. by using languages like PHP, JavaScript, Django. Let me explain quickly. For example, every day, millions of users use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram amazon when you send a message to someone, how they receive it when you buy something on amazon, how your order will be placed, how they handle the vast amount of orders every day because everything manages backend programming like PHP, JavaScript, Django.

How will you become a full stack developer?

Let’s talk about the right way of becoming a web developer, Either you are a beginner or an intermediate level programmer. Understand your level of knowledge in the programming world. If you never touch a programming language ever before and want to start your carrier as a developer, you need to start from the basics. Go and learn HTML5 and CSS3 and then begin building web pages; try to understand how padding, margin, alerts, flexbox, etc. try to know how to design a contact form do projects at least ten after it you will appreciate so much that you need to build front-end then it’s time to learn one more thing that will help you to create more interactive designs, and that is bootstrap and JavaScript don’t be afraid about the word bootstrap because once you understand HTML and CSS, you will quickly understand bootstrap. You can easily copy designs from the bootstrap like contact form, navigation bar, service section, alerts, copy, and modify them paste it on your website, and boom.

Now, why JavaScript because it will help you to build a better website and take you to the modern age of website building and one bonus thing you can also use it for your backend development you can integrate anything by using JavaScript like managing form, managing your e-commerce product so you no need to worry about to learn other frameworks like PHP, Django.

Full stack Development Path

Familiar with most of the well know languages but a master at one language

Once you deep dive into the world of web development, then you will realize there is so much more to learn then you start trying everything. Please don’t need to do it if you do, it will going to take too much time, and nobody wants to spend so much time on learning something at and then leads to frustration and failure you only need to work on a single language and try to take mastery on it. You will able to do everything in a single language. So stick at one language.

Take a web development course.

You can also take courses for learning, and the best part is that you don’t need to spend money on education. Just need a computer you can no internet connection required during the start just a laptop. The best free resources available on the internet are YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, .where you can find free courses .you can also take the paid route. You can also take a class on learning, and the best part is that you don’t need to spend money on education. Just need a computer you can no internet connection required during the start only a laptop. The best free resources available on the internet are YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, .where you can find free courses .you can also take paid period.

The Best way of Practicing.

Once you learn, try to do projects like making blogs using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, building an e-commerce store, how to web scrapper, building social networking sites, and then posting it on git hub. Please share it with your friends. You can also join an internship program. It will also help you understand website development’s industrial knowledge and help you expand your professional connection.

Take a strong commitment to finishing your project.

Once you start a project, your best to finish it because most of the beginners leave the project before completing some starts projects some try to work on multiple some or some go it at the end and start a new one that’s how we always lead to failure.

Management of your project is Important.

After completing your projects, do not try to keep it on your hard drive; show it to the people you are doing something extraordinary in your life. Make a free or paid blog and post all your work on the blog. Don’t worry; free blogging is also available. You don’t need to pay the money. I post my projects on the blog instead of GitHub because not everyone can understand your GitHub profile. Not everyone wants to see your repositories. If you post it on a blog, it will show, and regular users can also appreciate your work blog to improve your friends’ and teachers’ popularity and boost your confidence level. This will also help you to build your portfolio for your future reference. When you apply for a job, you can show your work to your HR or Manager. It will significantly impact your carrier and improve the chances of being accepted, and you stand out from the crowd.

Take action today.
Hopefully, my article will help you to boost your confidence. If I missed something or you want to know about something else, please leave a comment. I will cover that in the next post—best of luck.



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