How much does a WordPress website cost?

How much does it cost of a WordPress website | Cyberinitiation

The Cost of WordPress Website software is always free. It means the software is free to download and free to use by any means you want it to be. Additionally, besides any type of customization, you can extend it, redistribute it, and even sell it as long as you use the GPL. Realistically, WordPress pricing ranges between $11 and $40 per month, after a one-off cost of $200 as it includes the main cost of hosting which starts at around $3.95/month. Other costs include the expenses of the domain, themes, and plugins.

As every business’s design and development needs are unique, Word Press website pricing varies and fluctuates according to custom requirements. The average upfront cost for a WordPress website ranges from $75 to $115,000. Word Press websites’ ongoing maintenance costs range from $75 to $15,000 per year.

The primary cost of a WordPress website design

If your business designs your website in-house or hires a freelancer or web design agency to create your site, your WordPress website design costs can vary. In-house WordPress website design prices can be free but can be moderately charged up to $300, while freelancers cost $500 to $5000 and agencies cost $3000 to $100,000.

Maintenance cost of WordPress website

It always depends on who performs the maintenance. Website maintenance costs on a freelance basis are $50 to $100 per hour whereas in-house website maintenance costs $0 to $25 per month. The cost of an agency is $119 to $449 per month in providing Website maintenance services.

You should keep in mind that the cost of your organization’s website built in Word Press costs will depend on multiple factors, such as

  • Total pages
  • Total number of WordPress plugins
  • Website traffic received
  • Website capabilities including eCommerce functionality
  • Design style
  • Redesign frequency
  • Working in-house or hiring an agency for employment

Besides these company-specific averages, your business may pay more or less. You share a server with other businesses with shared web hosting. As different companies use the server, this option costs less, but the server may not perform as well.

When you wish to have your server for your business you use a dedicated server, a personal server will be more expensive, but you won’t need to share the server with other companies. As there are variations of web hosting you find and use, you have a difference in pricing depending on where you host your website.

Apart from numerous free WordPress themes, there are also premium themes available to your business. The paid themes are bought to give your site a more polished appearance, increase functionality, and contain plugins.

Like cost difference in hosting, the cost of these themes also varies – you may find a theme for $20, or you might find a theme for $100. The price variation is greatly depending on the style. There is a yearly cost for some plugins, while others charge a one-time fee. You have dozens of options available to your company with over 50,000 plugins. You may use multiple plugins for your site, like anti-spam, search engine optimization (SEO), and site maintenance plugins.

Finally, your site’s security is one of the most important elements and will draw a handsome amount of expenditure. If your visitors are browsing or shopping on your site, you will want people to feel safe. Hence, in order to encourage people to remain on your site, you’ll need to add security to your page. You’ll have an SSL certificate to keep websites safe which is a standard technology that keeps websites safe. $50 a year will cover the costs of a basic security package, but you can easily spend hundreds for more sophisticated alternatives.

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