Advantages of custom web design over a template website

Advantages of custom web design

Advantages of custom web design over a template website

Custom Web design Template

A custom web design is built completely from scratch using code. Your web developer will work with you to create a truly unique website that addresses the specific needs of your business and provides an exceptional user experience for your customers. You maintain control over every aspect of the web design process to ensure the finished product becomes a powerful tool you can use to grow your business.

A templated web design provides you with a predesigned site based on a specific template. You will have the ability to add your content and images to the website, but you will be very limited in terms of the adjustments you can make to the design features of the site, such as color, navigation, and other elements that are important for delivering an excellent user experience.

In general, making website templates are fairly easy to set up on your own. However, you’ll need the help of an experienced web developer or a digital marketing agency to build a custom website.

A custom website design is a much more effective tool to help grow your business over time. While the initial cost may be greater, the following benefits make a custom website well worth the investment:


  • Conveys your brand’s unique value
  •  Improves search engine results
  •  Provides a better user experience
  •  Allows for easy scalability


Custom Web design Convey Your Brand’s Unique Value

Creating a unique brand that conveys the value you provide to customers is an important component of building a strong business. Many elements go into your brand, including your:


  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Name
  • Fonts
  • Style choices
  • Messaging

A custom web design gives your web developer or digital marketing agency the ability to incorporate all of these elements into your website. enumeration, you’ll maintain control over the layout, ensuring these elements are organized on your website in a way that makes them truly stand out and cater to your target audience.

Templated websites, in contrast, are constrained by the way the template is organized.  This will significantly limit your ability to leverage these important brand elements in a way that will make them stand out to your audience. enumeration, your website will have a very similar look and feel to other sites built off of the same template. For these reasons, it can be very challenging to convey your unique brand and messaging with a templated website.


Custom Web design Deliver a Better User Experience

Ultimately, the measure of a successful website is how well it engages people and provides a good user experience. Websites that accomplish this goal will increase conversions, turning website visitors into new customers.

The only person who knows your target audience’s needs is you. You understand their frustrations and how you can help them. Custom web design allows you to construct your website with your customers in mind.

You can add the specific features necessary to engage your audience and deliver what they need. Your website can provide useful information or make it easier to purchase your products, depending on the nature of your business. You’ll be able to streamline the user’s process, allowing them to access what they need faster and more efficiently.


Custom Web design Are Easily Scalable

Ideally, your business will grow and evolve. You need a website that can grow and meet your changing needs. This may involve:


  • Accommodating a larger flow of traffic
  • Expanding your ability to showcase new products and services
  • Adding new functionality to address changes to your business model over time
  • Altering the navigation structure to more effectively adapt to the needs of your audience
  • Adjusting your website to reflect current web design and SEO best practices

Custom web design makes it much easier for you to make these necessary changes to your website. Your web developer can incorporate any new elements or features as necessary, allowing your website to grow and evolve with your business. Templated websites are much more limited in their ability to adapt to your changing needs over time.


Existing Designed Template

Website templates are premade web pages that can be easily customized with videos, blogs, images, and more. There are thousands of website templates you can purchase online that offer all manner of designs and styles. The majority of website templates are easy to install, but some are more difficult to work with the others.

With so many website templates floating around online, the quality of the template may vary and so can the level of support you receive from the development team. Website templates are perfect for smaller businesses or personal use.

If you know what you’re doing, you can throw together a decent templated website in an hour or less. You don’t have to worry about working with code or any of the other tedious aspects of creating a customized website. Essentially the hard part is to take care of yourself. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping.




1. Website Design Tailored to Your Branding

Like brick-and-mortar establishments, websites provide businesses with an opportunity to showcase not only their unique products and services but also their personality. Through custom web design and development, a business can partner with an agency’s design team to give their website a personalized touch and a unique user experience that is not limited to what most drag-and-drop templates offer. Life’s too short to be using the same templates, color schemes, and icons as everyone else.


2. Customer Experience-Optimized Design

Website customization also enables a business to build a site focused on delivering real business results via an optimal structure and user experience. Before developing and designing a website, your web design agency should be asking you about your business goals. Likewise, you’ll want to have an idea of the customer journey concerning your product or service. For instance, if you’re running an automotive repair business, you’d likely want your homepage to have a “request service” form front and center to drive leads. Designing a customer-centric website that helps visitors to navigate the site easily and take action.


3. Increased Search Engine Optimization

Another benefit of custom website design is that it enables better search engine optimization. Thankfully with a custom site design project, you’ll get help from not only web developers but also SEO specialists. The latter implements best practices that’ll help your site rank better on search engines. Some ways in which they give custom sites a boost over time include:


  • Crafting metadata, page URLs, alt tags for images, and the site content that incorporates relevant keywords
  • Working with the development team to implement a site architecture that is user- and mobile-friendly
  • Helping identify what pages should be “crawled” by search engines or not
  • Inserting internal links that enhance the user experience.


4. Ability to Evolve in Response to Business Changes

Custom website design gives businesses the freedom to scale the development process. Although developers will initially set up a proper architecture while creating the roadmap of the site, you may need to add additional functionality or content in response to business changes. Thanks to your established relationship with a web design agency, you’ll be spared the headache of trying to do this on your own and potentially fouling up your site. Nevertheless, enumeration costs are likely to result, so prepare accordingly. In contrast, template websites are designed to remain static or worse, are not updated properly or maintained to meet changing web needs.


5. Flexibility with Hosting

Lastly, deciding to go with a customized website offers you greater control over your website’s hosting, especially if you wish to change up your provider or have business-specific requirements. Drag-and-drop website builders, unfortunately, don’t offer this flexibility. Benefits that come with the freedom to choose a hosting company might include:


  • Ability to scale beyond a “shared” hosting environment
  • Automated file and data backups and customized backup locations
  • Direct server performance and uptime monitoring
  • Optimized setup and configuration for your selected CMS
  • Easy to create and deploy staging environments
  • Tools and technologies limited in their integration




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